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SoKor 2015: The Lost Valley at Everland Resort

I suppose I should apologize for posting too much about Everland, but then I realized, why apologize for something I thoroughly enjoyed? We took the Special Tour of The Lost Valley, and I blogged about that in the previous post. But even if you decided not to get on that ride, you are still going to be able to feast your eyes on gorgeous creatures, as we did!

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SoKor 2015: The Lost Valley Special Tour at Everland Resort

Everland is the largest theme park-slash-resort in South Korea, and it is also one of the theme parks that commands the most number of visitors all year round. The T-Express was one of the main draws, and then they opened the Safari World, and attendance increased even more. Later on, they opened another major attraction, “The Lost Valley Safari Adventure“, and the numbers were higher than ever. When we were there August last year, the resort was celebrating the first anniversary of The Lost Valley, and we were so glad we were there, even for a bit.

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SoKor 2015: Safari World at Everland (plus the Amazon Express!)

Growing up, zoos haven’t been one of my favorite places to go to. For starters, there weren’t a lot of those where I grew up. I remember the Manila Zoo being my first ever zoo visit and that was for a school field trip. I vaguely remember it to be fascinating although, as I grew older and realized seeing animals in captivity was less… exciting than watching them roam free, zoos lost some of their appeal for me. The Safari World at Everland Resort, however, was different.

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Feeding Giraffes at the Calauit Safari Park

I did mention in my previous post that I fell head over heels in love with giraffes when we went to the Calauit Safari Park, didn’t I? I wasn’t kidding when I said that. It was a complete turnaround because, as fascinated as I was by these long-necked and long-legged creatures, I was afraid of getting close. Before the end of this morning, I couldn’t keep from touching them and even having them nuzzle my face. It’s love, I tell ya.  Read more

Coron 2015: Calauit Safari Park

Oppressive. That’s the word that comes to mind to describe this heat. Here in Baguio, it gets as hot as 23 degrees Celsius in the middle of the day, and I’m sweating buckets. I can only imagine what it’s like in other places. It must be scorching! I guess it can’t be helped; it’s summer, after all. So let me blog about something summer-y? And nothing’s more fitting than Coron, and the day I fell head over heels in love with giraffes at the Calauit Safari Park. Read more

Palawan 2014: Puerto Princesa, The City in A Forest

(Oh, summer, you tease. You just love to bring on the rain, don’t you.) I first went to Palawan, particularly Puerto Princesa, back in 2008. We had a work-related convention, we worked for 4 days, and slummed around for 5-6 days. And by “slumming it”, I meant island-hopping, beach-combing, and living it up in a luxury resort called Club Noah Isabelle (which is now called Apulit Island) then heading over to El Nido for another couple of days. Those days remain etched in my memory because that’s the first time that I, a girl from the boondocks, spent THAT much amount of time in the water, lack of swimming skills notwithstanding.

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