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Down South: Tinago Falls of Lanao del Norte

It’s real, guys. There’s no going back: IT IS OCTOBER. ALREADY. <insert dramatic pause here> Oh, dear. Only three months left of the year. But guess what, that means there’ll be an entirely new set of beginnings coming up, right? Yeah, there’s always a bright side; we just have to look for it. Speaking of “looking” for something (nearly) hidden, let me tell you about our visit to the Tinago Falls in Lanao del Norte. Read more

Down South: Mimbalut Falls in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

The province of Lanao del Norte is home to more than a dozen waterfalls, and the most well-known or recognizable ones are, without a doubt, the Maria Cristina Falls and the Tinago Falls. But there is such a thing as the “Tourism Triangle” of Iligan, and those two waterfalls are among the three. What completes the triangle is Mimbalut Falls. Read more

Down South: The Katibawasan Falls of Camiguin

(It’s Monday, September 18, 2017. BTS comeback. So excited~! OK, back to business.) Gawd, I love waterfalls. They’re just so… majestic. Tall, short, plenty of water or not, I cannot help but be in awe of them. I can’t explain it. As much as I appreciate a calm pond or lake surface, or the emerald color of the sea, or the calming sound of rushing water in a stream, there is something about waterfalls that just captures me. Beside them and before them, I feel small and helpless, but blessed at the same time. Does that make sense?

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Down South: Tuasan Falls in Camiguin

Hello from Jeju! I’ve been here a couple of days now and I have to say this reaffirmed my earlier contention that Jeju-do is one of my happy places. It’s pretty much got everything I’d want to see in a vacation place and, this early, I’m declaring my intention to come back for my third round. But before that, let me talk about another place in another small island back home: the Tuasan Falls.

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Antong Falls of Sison, Pangasinan

It’s the first day of December!! I hear carols! I hear cheers! Oh, wait… I hear groaning of people having no clue what presents to get for family and friends, haha! I’m feeling slightly meh about this time of the year coming around this time, though, and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. But the mere fact that another year’s ending, and another one’s about to start is something worth celebrating, I suppose? So. Yeah. I’m there. Before I do roll around in all that yule-goodness, however, I’m going to talk about another falls – the last of my waterfalls series (this time, I hope. I’m crossing my fingers that I’d get to see more of ’em in the future). It’s Antong Falls of Brgy. Inmalog in the town of Sison, Pangasinan.
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Tangadan Falls of San Gabriel, La Union

Sometimes, you find that there’s an itch that you can’t simply ignore, and you just have to scratch it. For the month of September, some of us developed especially itchy feet and most of our waking moments were occupied with “WHERE DO WE GO THIS WEEKEND?!” As it turned out, there were a couple of other waterfalls accessible (read: can be reached within 1 to 3 hours) from Baguio. Our first stop: Tangadan Falls in nearby San Gabriel, La Union or, as I’d like to call it, the “waterfalls that will make you crane your neck up (tangad in Ilocano).
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The Magdapio (Pagsanjan) Falls of Cavinti, Laguna

I don’t know what they teach grade-schoolers in Philippine elementary schools nowadays, but I can still remember the first lessons we’ve had in our Sibika at Kultura (now I think it’s Social Studies…?) and the types of land forms and bodies of water. When it came to talon, or waterfalls, the prime example used was Pagsanjan Falls. Fast forward more than two decades later, and I was finally able to lay (more than) my eyes on Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna.
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