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Osaka, Japan 2014: Dotounbori Street

Foodies frequent Osaka to get a taste of its culinary delights, and one of the main destinations is Dotounbori Street, or what is often simply referred to as Dotonbori. Since it is basically clustered together with the Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, Amerikamura, Namba Walk, and Den-Den Town a bit of a distance away, Dotonbori has become a major shopping, entertainment, and food destination. To be honest, my friend and I weren’t actually able to explore the entire complex. It was THAT vast. Dotonbori, however, we visited twice. Read more

Tokyo, Japan 2014: A Dip at Akihabara

If I could sum up Akihabara in a couple of phrases, it would include “geek heaven” and “fanboy(girl) trap”. Oh, and you could also throw in “gachapon” in there for good measure. If I were a gaming addict or a hardcore anime fan, I’d say Akihabara – shortened to “Akiba” – deserves all four of my four-day stay in Tokyo. As it were, the few hours I got to spend in the area (and only a small part of it, too!) were already overwhelming, at least to me.

Read more

Tokyo, Japan 2014: Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori

Young and trendy, as only the Japanese can. That’s probably how I would describe the entertainment and shopping district of Harajuku, and that is best embodied in its famous street, Takeshita Dori (or Takeshita Street). Since I passed through here the other day while on my way to Meiji Shrine, I knew it’s something I wanted to check out. Read more

Tokyo, Japan 2014: "Booyah, Shibuya!"

To officially kick off my series of Japan travel posts, I am going to start off with Shibuya. I had an itinerary all mapped out, and it’s quite packed, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go to all of them. I made allowances for the fact that I’d be sidetracked at one place and take too long, and also the fact that nature may throw some curveballs to derail even the best-laid plans (she did). But, just for reference, I had a packed itinerary, listing down the places that I must go to. Read more

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