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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: The Independence Palace

I cannot believe we’re nearing the end of July, guys. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun. Or so busy. Which is sad, because deeeern, when do we get to do all the fun things, eh? I’m having a bit of a walkabout-drought here, it’s a good thing I can let my mind drift back to previous visits, like this one foray into a palace in the heart of Saigon: the Independence Palace, or the Palais de l’independance.

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SoKor 2015: Huwon, The Secret Garden of Changdeok Palace in Seoul

Imagine feeling bored and tired of your usual routine, so you retire to that garden at the back of your house, where you could smell the fresh air, read a book (or even write one), walk for hours along the picturesque trails, sit inside any of the pavilions and be mesmerized by how calm and still the water on the pond is… Oh wait, I suppose you can only do that if (1) you are royalty and (2) you lived during the Joseon era. You can still catch a glimpse of that long-gone era, however, by checking out Huwon, the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung.

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SoKor 2015: Changdeokgung (Changdeok Palace) in Seoul

Palaces are a staple if you’re visiting Seoul. Or South Korea, in general. In fact, I think you cannot say you’ve made a proper visit to this beautiful country without having visited at least one of these national treasures. Changdeokgung, or Changdeok Palace, is one of these palaces: a well-preserved historical relic of the past and a beautiful reminder of that past in the present. Out of the five major palaces of Joseon, it is the most well-preserved to this day, and that’s partly the reason it was declared another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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SoKor 2015: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

So who else, besides me, is none too pleased with this heat spell going on? I know it’s summer and all, but I am always positively sweating buckets, even when I’m standing still. Makes me long for the chill you can only feel atop mountains in the north. Before that, though, let me continue my SoKor series, picking up where I left off in my last post, when we decided to try to walk as far as we could along the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

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SoKor 2015: Hwaseong Haenggung in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do

It’s May! I just realized I’ve been away too long – both from this blog and from RL. The last 2 weeks of April have been crazy (the good kind of crazy, the amazing kind of crazy) as I moved from one hot city to another (check my IG feed). Right about now, I’m close to being toast – literally! It reminded me of another warm late afternoon spent exploring another beautiful place in South Korea. So for my first post this May, I will talk about that time I was able to walk around Hwaseong Haenggung, the “temporary palace” located in Suwon City, in the province of Gyeonggi.  Read more

SoKor 2015: Gyeongbukgong (Pt 2)

It’s crrrrrruuuuunch time in my own end of the universe. It comes with the territory of being a bean counter, I suppose, because it’s that time of the year again: preparation of yearend financial reports. Hopefully, by the end of this week, this busy time will be over…. only to make way for another, equally, busy time. But hey, better busy than idle, I always say.

So I’m taking a bit of a break from numbers and balances, and dive right into the continuation of my “revisiting Gyeongbukgong series. (Check out the first part here.)

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SoKor 2015: Gyeongbukgong (Pt 1)

Did you notice something different about my blog? It’s just a liiiiiiittle change, so you might not notice it, but yes, I moved hosts. I figured I have to make sure that I won’t lose the memories (yes, they are memories) that I write about and share in this little corner of the internet. Granted, the migration is not full yet, I’m about halfway there still, so if you notice some distortions or wrong links, then I’m still in the process of fixing and tweaking them. Slow, baby steps.

For now, I’m going to continue with my South Korea travel series, and here’s another place that I revisited: Gyeongbukgong, or Gyeongbuk Palace.

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