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FF#4: Kdramaland at the Korean Folk Village – Historical Drama Filming Locations

I’m back with another Fangirl Friday post, and this time I am integrating it with another travel post on the Korean Folk Village. This time, I’ll share a bit of our “brush” with historical Korean dramas when we stumbled on some of their filming sites in the Village.

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K-Drama Review: Kill Me, Heal Me (MBC, 2015)

In every incident involving any type of abuse, there are usually two parties involved: the perpetrator and the victim. However, in some cases, there is a third one: the witness. In this scenario, who is most culpable? Who ends up bearing the most amount of ¬†guilt? Who gets to experience the most trauma? Who is most likely to end up being all messed up? These are the questions raised to me while I was watching through all 20 enthralling episodes of “Kill Me, Heal Me“, the series that had me zipping through it in just under one weekend. It’s THAT good. No, it’s THAT great.

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K-Drama Review: Healer (KBS, 2014-2015)

When I saw photo stills and posters, I thought “Healer” was a show that involves the paranormal. You know, a hero with healing powers and stuff. So I pretty much ignored it. I was too engrossed with Pinocchio at the time. And when I ran out of stuff to watch, I saw that Healer has already ended and I noticed how everyone seemed to be raving about it. So I checked it out. One of the best k-drama decisions I ever made.

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K-Drama Review: Misaeng (tvN, 2014)

“Misaeng” means “An Incomplete Life”. From the title, you would think this is an angst-filled melodrama. The typical Kdrama. Once in a while, it’s great to be proven wrong. And, in my case, to find a gem of a drama that will be firmly engraved on my virtual wall of “favorite dramas of all time”. In fact, if you are to ask me what Kdrama I would recommend anyone to watch, this would be the first thing I’d lay out on the table, no questions asked.

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K-Drama Review: Bad Guys (OCN, 2014)

Earlier in 2014, I confess to having waded back into watching Kdramas via My Love From Another Star. Then I went through several Jdramas and then, while I was looking for something different from what I’ve seen so far especially in Kdramas, my eyes fell on a promotional poster of BAD GUYS, a production of OCN. Cable television in Korea seem to be stepping up their A-game, so now we see worthwhile dramas from production companies other than KBS, SBS and MBC.

And yay for short dramas! That’s what I like about dramas that are only around 10 to 16 episodes. These mid-length dramas have just the right length, IMO. Add more, and there’s a risk of it being dragged on too long, with one or two episodes doing nothing but acting as unnecessary fillers. Short but sweet; that’s a formula that almost always works.
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South Korea Pt 4 – A Dash of Romance at Nami Island, South Korea

Question: do you have to be a koreanovela/Endless Love series/Hallyu Wave fan to be able to appreciate the beauty that is Nami Island (or, as they more formally call it, Naminara Republic)? No. But if you know a bit of Winter Sonata, you’d appreciate it more. If you don’t, you still won’t be able to deny that this place is all about romance. (Warning: this post is going to be “image-heavier” than usual, so apologies in advance.)

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