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Islas de Gigantes: Adios… but first, Buenavista Island (and some travel tips!)

I bet by this time, most people have already gone on vacation for All Saints’ and Souls’ Day. Just here to drop a quick post about my last few hours at the beautiful Islas de Gigantes, featuring an island that was not originally in our itinerary, but since we were passing it on our way back to the mainland, we just had to stop: it’s the Buenavista Island.

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Islas de Gigantes: Antonia Island (+ Tinagong Dagat)

If you’re on an island or a beach, especially after spending whole year round amid the hustle and bustle of urban life, then you’d probably think the quiet and stillness, with the sun, sea and sky as backdrop, would be more than enough to occupy you. But sometimes, you’d probably look for something to do, other than lie down on the sand, that is. At Islas de Gigantes, you’d find a lot of things to do at Antonia Beach.

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Islas de Gigantes: Cabugao Gamay Island

I’m back again with another update on our Islas de Gigantes jaunt several months back. This time, it’s our third stop, the Cabugao Gamay Island, which is definitely one of the requisite stops for all island-hopping tours in the islands. In fact, this small island has one of the most photographed spots in the area.  Read more

Islas de Gigantes: Bantigue Sandbar

We’re past the middle of October, and I find it gets so dang warm, it’s almost like summer. Well, ‘cept for the frequent downpours we get in the late afternoons and evenings, some of them lasting all through the night (oh and that storm over the weekend). Hot days like these call to mind those days spent at a beach or an island, with nothing but the sea, sky and scorching sun to bear witness to whatever foolishness you come up with. And it’s ok to be foolish, especially if you’re in a place as picturesque as the Bantigue Sandbar in Islas de Gigantes.

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Islas de Gigantes: Pulupandan Island

A new month, a new travel series. Annually, we have to attend conventions to earn creds. But I do not think I am the type to fully let go of the chance to insert a bit of fun somewhere along the way. Iloilo City was where we were supposed to have the convention; which means there are loads of places around where we could have a side trip. So what did we do? Flew in there a day early, for a quick one-day-one-night sojourn to the Islas de Gigantes.

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Down South: The White Island Sandbar of Camiguin

If I’m not mistaken, the original plan for this trip was just for some time around Cagayan de Oro, or thereabouts. Somewhere along the pseudo-planning stage, it became a getaway with the island of Camiguin at the center. And quite the adventure it turned out to be! I’m telling you, if you get the chance to go on a trip (that’s more than one or two days) with good friends and kindred spirits, GO FOR IT. Read more

Coron 2015: Island Tour Day 2

The rainy days seem to be making their presence felt as the past couple of days (and nights) brought on torrential downpours. The good thing about this is, just as the summery days seem to be coming to an end, the rainy season too will do the same. (Sorry, that’s what happens if you marathon 10 episodes of Falling for Innocence for three days.) The rain, however, is not a reason to talk about the sun, sand and the beautiful waters of Coron during our second day of island tour.
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