Jeffer's Odyssey

Lessons I Learned (The Hard Way) On My Travels

More often than not, it is almost always the lessons learned the hard way that stick with us. While I was reviewing for the Board Exams, one of our reviewers actually said that we should be thankful for every wrong answer we make on our mock exams; because it is those questions that we answered wrong that will be remembered when the real thing comes. I couldn’t say for sure that it was 100% true, but I know for a fact that there is a grain of truth to it. But when applied within the context of my wandering feet and wandering mind, it works. Read more

Don’t Forget To Bring These On Your Travels Or Adventures

A pocketful of anticipation mixed with a dollop of excitement, with a dash of mischief thrown in. Oh, if only I could flit and fly anywhere with just these, then life would be so much better. And lighter. Alas, that really isn’t doable, so we’re forced to improvise.

Just as a sumptuous dish requires the right ingredients, every adventure also requires certain elements to make it a success. In my book, successful adventure = fun and memorable adventure. Everything may not have gone according to plan, but everything turned out right in the end.  Read more

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