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Guimaras: Trappist Abbey & The Guisi Lighthouse (+ mangoes!!)

This wraps up my short jaunt in the island province of Guimaras. I know for sure that there are still a lot of places that are worth checking out, and I wish I could have gone to all of them. But if you have limited time, then you’d have to make do with what little you have, and be grateful, right? Maybe I’ll go back someday, maybe not. Who knows. But I do know this was a visit worth remembering, short though it was. Now, let’s go to the Trappist Abbey and the Guisi Lighthouse, shall we? Read more

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: The Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

I have gotten used to hearing about the Philippines being the largest Christian nation, in terms of percentage of participation in Asia that I still find myself surprised when I see traces of Christianity in other Southeast Asian countries. Which is stupid, because being the “largest” should not mean we’re the only one. And yes, Christianity also prevailed in Vietnam, and combine that with French civilization due to France’s occupation of the country in the past, and you shouldn’t be too surprised to stumble upon the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral while walking Ho Chi Minh’s streets. Read more

Hanoi, Vietnam: The St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Finally getting around to continuing my Vietnam travel series, which was put on hold because of RL. Out here in my little corner of the world, it gets colder and colder. When the temperature drops to a chilly 7.4 degrees Celsius, I tend to forget that I am living in a tropical country. But between this chill and the scorching, burning and sweat-inducing heat of summer, you know what I’d pick, right?

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The Daraga Church of Albay, Philippines

Going old school with this post this time, in the sense that I’ll be talking about some places that I first encountered through textbooks. I’m pretty sure that, when the province of Albay is mentioned, the first thing that’ll come to mind is the majestic and gorgeous Mayon Volcano. But, as my visit earlier this year to Legazpi, Albay has proven, there is more to this Bicolandia province than the perfect cone. One of them is the Daraga Church.

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Cebu: The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

I suck at remembering dates, so don’t think I memorized when Pedro Calungsod, the 2nd Filipino saint (after St. Lorenzo Ruiz) was born. It was 360 years ago to this day, on July 21, 1654, when his story began. I thought it fitting, then, to post about this small place, the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, dedicated to him in Cebu. (Check out his official website here, and read about his life here.)

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