Jeffer's Odyssey

Cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam (Pt. 2): Caving at Hang Sung Sot

I feel like it’s been ages since my last post (and, indeed, it was). I suppose it was because too many things happened at once, and one of them was…. it’s November (ikr, canyoubelieveit!). It felt like just a few weeks ago when the world was waving in 2016, and now. WOW. Surprise, surprise, 2017 is just a few weeks away. But here’s another surprise. More like, “Cave of Surprises”, which is the meaning of “Hang Sung Sot“, the most famous and most visited cave in Halong Bay.

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The Ambongdolan Caves of Tublay, Benguet: Bengaongao Cave

I thank the powers-that-be that I am not claustrophobic; otherwise, I’d have missed out on a lot. Checking out caves being one of them. It’s certainly not the most glamorous of activities. Not the cleanest, either, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Or clean-freaks. In fact, the dirtier you get, the more fun it is. …OK, that… sounded wrong. Let’s just get to exploring Bengaongao Cave, shall we?  Read more

The Ambongdolan Caves of Tublay, Benguet: Paterno Cave

November has come and gone, and it’s the last month of the year. Surprisingly, except for a couple of weekend getaways, my November was slightly “quiet”. Still, I would like to dedicate this, and the next couple of posts, to several spots of Benguet, in belated celebration of her founding anniversary, the Adivay, which was celebrated for the entire month of November. The focus of this post: the caves of Ambongdolan, in the municipality of Tublay, my dad’s hometown, on his maternal side. Read more

Exploring Capisaan Cave in Nueva Vizcaya

The first cave I explored was the Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province. That was way back in 2007. The second, although it may not be strictly a cave, was the one at the Underground River in Palawan. The third were the Ambongdolan Caves in nearby Tublay, Benguet. For my fourth, it’s the Capisaan Cave in Nueva Vizcaya… and I have to say it’s the best I have seen so far. Let me give you a glimpse of it the best I can. Read more

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