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Go Wild: White Water Rafting With Davao Wildwater Adventure

Summer officially started in the Philippines just a couple of days ago. Or, at least, that’s what has been declared by the country’s weather bureau. But with how the climate and weather have been unpredictable lately (*insert Jaws theme here* climate change, anyone?) that pronouncement is irrelevant. See, when it gets real hot and warm, it’s summer. When it pours in the afternoon, the rainy days are here. But don’t let that burst your bubble. Continue to make fun plans. And go wild. Like how we did on this “time out of time” during our Davao visit not too long ago.  Read more

White Water Rafting In Cagayan De Oro: My First Time

It’s April, everyone! As much as I am willing to be fooled that the first quarter of 2017 has already come and gone, sadly, that “fooling day” has also… well, come and gone. So it’s time to face up to reality. Yes, it’s April. And yes, time flies so darn fast… but hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t fly with it~ But if, at the moment, you’re stuck at home, you can try recalling those past summers, and how you spent them. Like I’m going to do right now, remembering the first time I tried white water rafting Read more

Cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam (Pt. 3): View from the (Ti) Top

No, this blog is not dead. Let’s just say it took a hiatus, coinciding with a particularly busier period of 2016 for me at work and in life (yes, those two are separate). I’m going to pick things up from now on, though, and will try my best not to let this corner stay quiet for longer than… a month? I still have lots of places to talk about and adventures to share, after all. So! Halong Bay. Cruising. Ti Top. Leggo~!

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Cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam (Pt. 1): With Kayaks… and Monkeys

Sometimes, it is good to plunge into a new experience without any expectations. Or, even if you do, only with very little of it. That way, the surprises will be more than pleasant, you’d hardly note the disappointments (if there are some), and you’ll just be along for the ride. To be honest, Vietnam was nowhere on my “vague” list of places that I would like to visit, but as early as 2015, when my BFFs were making plans for us to go on a trip together to a place NONE of us have ever been to before, they said “Vietnam”. And I said, “Sure thing. Let’s do it.”

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My Mayon ATV Adventure (and a Zipline!) at Cagsawa in Albay

I can’t believe we’re halfway through October already. Several more winks and it’ll be 2017! (I totally sped past December and Christmas and, yes, I intended to do that.) Time moves so fast it’s giving me whiplash, and I am just a bit worried that work will be too busy for the remaining 2 months that 2016 will end with… a whimper. Can’t help but feel like that, considering how ‘quiet’ and ‘calm’ the last half of this year has gone for me… and how hectic and eventful the first half was. 4 hours spent on an ATV, getting the closest I will probably ever get to Mt. Mayon, and then capping it off with a zipline ride? What else could top THAT when you’re in Cagsawa? Read more

Zipriding at the Delta Discovery Park in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

I bumped into an acquaintance a few days ago, and she saw some of my recent posts on Facebook about my zipriding adventures at Mapawa Nature Park and Dahilayan Adventure Park. She asked me, “…weren’t you scared?” I answered honestly: “Terrified. But my excitement won out.” I mean, imagine zipriding 1.3 kilometersRead more

Ziplining at ZipZone in Bukidnon’s Dahilayan Adventure Park

This is the second part of my re-telling of my love affair with ziplines. Granted, it has partially fizzled out by now, although I wouldn’t say no if I get another opportunity. In my previous post, I talked about the first time that I tried zipping down a line. A couple of days later, I got to do it again and, this time, at ZipZone, which was the longest dual zipline in Asia (at that time, at least).

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