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Go Wild: White Water Rafting With Davao Wildwater Adventure

Summer officially started in the Philippines just a couple of days ago. Or, at least, that’s what has been declared by the country’s weather bureau. But with how the climate and weather have been unpredictable lately (*insert Jaws theme here* climate change, anyone?) that pronouncement is irrelevant. See, when it gets real hot and warm, it’s summer. When it pours in the afternoon, the rainy days are here. But don’t let that burst your bubble. Continue to make fun plans. And go wild. Like how we did on this “time out of time” during our Davao visit not too long ago.  Read more

Davao City: The Japanese Tunnel

The month of June means a lot of things in the Philippines – the start of classes (and heavier-than-usual traffic), the beginning of the rainy season, the end of the first half of the fiscal recording year (only people in the accounting field will probably care about this) and, for some, the beginning of the countdown to Christmas 2016 (nope, it’s never too early, not in the Philippines). But it also marks the annual observance and celebration of the Philippines’ Independence after 333 years of occupation by Spain, every June 12. So I thought I’d try to do a bit of my own celebration by making posts about places I’ve seen with historical significance.

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Samal Island: Hagimit Falls Nature Park

Next to the mountains, my next favorite things are waterfalls. There’s just something relaxing and soothing about seeing a cascade of water – big or small. And when we went to Samal Island, we were fully aware of how limited our time was, so it was just Maxima Aquafun on our minds. And then, while riding on the tricycle on the way to the Resort, we passed by the turnoff leading to Hagimit Falls. Our trike driver suggested we stop by there later on the way back to the Wharf. And so we did exactly that.
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Samal Island: Slidin’ & Blobbin’ at Maxima Aquafun

I was supposed to post about something else but, in an act of pure defiance, I’m switching things a bit to talk about something actually… sunny and fair. You see, it has been two weeks since rain started pouring in my corner of the country, and it hasn’t stopped since. If not for the quick day trip I made to Quezon City yesterday, I’d have never seen the sun! Now I’m back, and it’s raining more than ever, so I will look back on our sunny day trip to Samal Island more than a couple of months ago, specifically at the Maxima AquafunRead more

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