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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit BenCab Museum

I’m at the end of my blog series about BenCab Museum, and it is to talk about the art museum itself. Now I am not an artsy person. One of my frustrations is to be able to draw something that is recognizable for what it is. Then I recognized a lost cause for what it is, and gave up (yeah, there are some things that we have to concede on). But that does not mean we stop appreciating, and “appreciate” is what I did during this visit.

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BenCab Museum: Eco-Trail at the BenCab Farm and Garden

It’s July, y’all! First half of the year is over, and the second half has begun. Time did fly so fast, didn’t it? The next thing you know, it’s Christmas. But that won’t be for a few months yet, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? To welcome the 2nd half of the year, let’s go local, to a place that’s really close, but I’ve never been to before. The BenCab Museum.

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The Adivay of the 13 Municipalities of Benguet

(Note: This was originally posted on November 17, 2014, Edits and updates will be continually made, as they come, for everyone’s reference.)

I thought it only fitting that I write something about the Adivay, which is the celebration of the anniversary of the province of Benguet. Every November, she turns a year older, and Adivay is “hotter” than ever.  Read more

Roarin' at the Dinosaurs Island in Tuba, Benguet

Walking on the Dino Trail at the Dinosaurs Island at the Baguio Eco-Park in Tuba, Benguet may not actually make you feel like you’ve been transported to prehistoric times, when these huge creatures really walked the earth (but then again, I doubt there is anyone alive who knows how the real thing actually feels). It does, however, successfully make you feel like you are transported on a movie set, with animatronic dinosaurs at every turn.

I have to say, though, that I was in awe of the scale of the place. And the imagination that went behind it.

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