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Time for RECESS Resto/Cafe

It appears that new restaurants, coffee shops or food kiosks/stalls spring up around Baguio City, and the central business district (CBD) area is not an exception. Every time I find myself walking up or down Session Road, I only have to lift my gaze up and see a new sign advertising the fact. On one of those walks, I spotted a sign that said RECESS, and so I made it a point to check it out, by myself at first, then with company the next couple of times.

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September 2017 FoodVentures: LaBrent Tea, Patch Cafe, Recess Resto, Pine Country Steaks & Waffles, The Loft, Sinner or Saint

While I was going through my albums for this FoodVentures post, I realized one thing: I kinda ate out too much this last month of September. And went to a couple of places more than twice. Tee-hee. No regrets, though.

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BaguioEats: Read n’ Brew Cafe at Session Road

(Guyzzzzz, I found the pesto pasta that hits my tastebud in all the right places!!!) My hunt for breakfast places has certainly introduced new coffee shops and breakfast nooks, and one of them is the Read and Brew Cafe, located at the SkyZone, the rooftop of Porta Vaga Mall in Session Road, Baguio City. Read on to find out what I thought of the place.

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When In Baguio…: Tree Top Adventure Baguio at Camp John Hay

It’s been several days since my SoKor2017 adventure wrapped up, and I still feel like it has been a whirlwind of a week. Which it was. One heck of a fun whirlwind. I still haven’t touched the folder where I saved all the photos and videos I took during that trip, knowing I’m in for quite a challenge. A fun one, I hope. Before all that, however, let me talk about another fun day spent right in my own backyard: when we tried out the Tree Top Adventure at Camp John Hay. Good timing, too, since Baguio City is in the thick of its charter anniversary month this September. Read more

August 2017 FoodVentures: Sweet Stop, Ze Creamery, RnB Cafe, and a certain baby shower…

First things first. HAPPY 108th BIRTHDAY, BAGUIO!!!! Why did you have to be soooo rainy, tho? Ok. Let’s get down to business. If I’m going to be completely technical about it, my August FoodVentures would be much much longer, considering how I was in South Korea for the last week of the month. But those foodventures deserve their own post, which is why I’m just going to be adding here the few ones I’ve had during the first couple of weeks. Read more

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