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Wrapping Up Camiguin: Why You Should Visit (…and where to eat)

As I was going through my Camiguin blog series, a lot of thoughts were running through my head, and one of the most persistent was the idea of whether I could ever really come back. Because I know I (well,¬†we) kinda resolved to climb Mt. Hibok-Hibok “next time”. But you know how Pinoys are (or humans, in general) when it comes to “next time”. Will I ever get to climb it, or will she be one of those “that got away”?

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odysSTAY: In Halong Bay… with Vega Travel

If you’ve been reading my blog posts – sporadic though they are lately – you’d already know how I love the mountains. Or how I love to be on land, in general. Oh sure, I also love spending time in various bodies of water, but at the end of the day, I always head back to land, where I can stand and feel the strong, solid earth beneath the soles of my feet. But last year I discovered that staying on the water for longer than 12 hours can also satisfy me… as long as I’m on a boat that, even for a day, can pass for a home. Vega Travel Vietnam made that happen.

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odysSTAY: Namsan Guesthouse in Myeongdong, Seoul, South Korea

On both visits to Seoul, I stayed in the same area: Myeongdong. Why? Because I felt it was the most convenient for my itinerary. The first trip was planned by my friend Peach, so I had no hand in it, but on my next trip, I saw no reason why I shouldn’t find a place to stay in the area. And I picked Namsan Guesthouse.

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OdysStay: Where to Stay in Batad and Bontoc

In every journey, pit and rest stops are a given, and I felt it only right to share some info about mine. I consider it my small way of providing something helpful and informative, as opposed to just talking about what I’ve seen and what I did. If that even makes sense. #odysSTAY will chronicle what I remember of the places that served as my shelter on my various adventures. For this post, I will be talking about the two places we stayed at during our “Plan B” road trip through Batad and Bontoc.

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Palawan 2014: Puerto Princesa, The City in A Forest

(Oh, summer, you tease. You just love to bring on the rain, don’t you.) I first went to Palawan, particularly Puerto Princesa, back in 2008. We had a work-related convention, we worked for 4 days, and slummed around for 5-6 days. And by “slumming it”, I meant island-hopping, beach-combing, and living it up in a luxury resort called Club Noah Isabelle (which is now called Apulit Island) then heading over to El Nido for another couple of days. Those days remain etched in my memory because that’s the first time that I, a girl from the boondocks, spent¬†THAT much amount of time in the water, lack of swimming skills notwithstanding.

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Siem Reap ’14 pt 10: Wrapping Up Siem Reap

The original plan was to skim through Siem Reap and Bangkok in one trip. In the end, we decided to stick to only one place, so we won’t be too harried catching trips and cramming too much in so little time. Plus, it’s also an excuse to plan a separate Bangkok trip in the future, God (and budget) willing.
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