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Foodventures: Foodtrippin’ in Hanoi, Vietnam

My original impression of Vietnamese food consisted mainly of spring rolls and pho. Aside from udon, I’ve always had a lukewarm response to anything noodles or pancit, which explained my lack of interest in trying out pho. But when I was in Vietnam, and I got the chance to have a taste of authentic Vietnamese food, I had no hesitations whatsoever. And what do you know, I actually ended up appreciating Vietnamese food more than I expected.

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Exploring Hanoi, Vietnam (and why you should visit)

I used to feel strange hearing and reading about people in other parts of the world welcoming summertime around June every year, considering that is when the rainy season begins in my country. But the climate is messed up right now, so the heat (ignoring the fact that the downpours are becoming more frequent during the daytime) kinda makes me feel like it’s still summer out here. Certainly, it is as hot as the time we were out an about, exploring Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Hanoi, Vietnam: The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

It’s close to the midway point of the year, you guys. How’s 2017 been treating you so far? I just came off a couple of weeks of trips and seminars, and I honestly still feel sleep-deprived for some reason. I’m currently wading through thousands of photos from the activities over the past couple of weeks, and it’s actually overwhelming, considering how much backlog I still have from my previous adventures. I guess that means I should get on with them,albeit slowly, eh? So here’s another one. My visit to the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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