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The Daraga Church of Albay, Philippines

Going old school with this post this time, in the sense that I’ll be talking about some places that I first encountered through textbooks. I’m pretty sure that, when the province of Albay is mentioned, the first thing that’ll come to mind is the majestic and gorgeous Mayon Volcano. But, as my visit earlier this year to Legazpi, Albay has proven, there is more to this Bicolandia province than the perfect cone. One of them is the Daraga Church.

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Cold… and Enchanted at Mt. Timbac in Benguet

I have a theory. The reason that this tickle in my throat refuses to go away is because I haven’t seen some mountain action since… March, was it? I’m craving going on a hike and breathing pure, unadulterated mountain air, never mind that it gets freezing at some points, and mixed with rain and followed by the heat of the sun. Come to think of it, the last proper hike I did was in February this year, up Mt. TImbac via Atok in Benguet. Read more

Revisiting the Botanical Garden of Baguio City

The Botanical Garden of Baguio City has become famous among local tourists as a place where they can have their photos taken with old Igorot women in traditional garb. And… that’s it. I confess to having relegated the place to the back of my mind after those visits during elementary school for field trips. Since then, I pretty much ignored it.

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Baguio Eats: The Coffee Library

Another #BaguioEats post on this day, September 1, the 107th Charter Anniversary of Baguio City. A gloomy, rainy birthday, but a birthday still, so Happy 107th, Baguio! I’m going to talk a bit about this out-of-the-way coffee place, one of the verryyyyyy many coffee places that sprung in Baguio City in the past couple of years: The Coffee Library.

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