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Korean Folk Village Performances: Traditional Wedding Ceremony and Farmer’s Music & Dance

Yes, KFV, I’m not done with you yet, not by a long shot! So here I will share a bit about the several special performances that we were able to catch during our short visit to the Korean Folk Village in Yongin, South Korea. There were a total of four shows, and I am splitting them in two posts. For this one, it’s the Traditional Wedding Ceremony and the Farmer’s Music & Dance. Read more

Walkin’ on Air… at Mt. Ulap, Itogon, Benguet

It used to be known by locals (and by that, I mean, those in Benguet) as “Philex Ridge” until, on October 31, 2015, it was officially launched with its new name, Mt. Ulap. Before that official launch, and before massive numbers of local and foreign tourists descended on the place with their day-hikes and trail runs, I was able to tag along a group of friends and check it out.

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A Walk in the (Mt Kalugong Eco) Park

The month of March marks the celebration of the Strawberry Festival of La Trinidad, Benguet, where I grew up and currently reside. As my way of celebrating the 2016 Panaspulan: La Trinidad Strawberry Festival, let me take you back to one of my revisits to one of La Trinidad’s “staples”, Mt. Kalugong,just last month.

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Zipriding at the Delta Discovery Park in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

I bumped into an acquaintance a few days ago, and she saw some of my recent posts on Facebook about my zipriding adventures at Mapawa Nature Park and Dahilayan Adventure Park. She asked me, “…weren’t you scared?” I answered honestly: “Terrified. But my excitement won out.” I mean, imagine zipriding 1.3 kilometersRead more

Ziplining at ZipZone in Bukidnon’s Dahilayan Adventure Park

This is the second part of my re-telling of my love affair with ziplines. Granted, it has partially fizzled out by now, although I wouldn’t say no if I get another opportunity. In my previous post, I talked about the first time that I tried zipping down a line. A couple of days later, I got to do it again and, this time, at ZipZone, which was the longest dual zipline in Asia (at that time, at least).

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My First Zipline Experience… at Mapawa Nature Park, Cagayan de Oro

Growing up, I never fancied myself to be the active kind. I was not even into sports, except those times when it’s part of PhysEd and I have to do it or else I’ll flunk my class. It was only later in life, when I learned to appreciate nature and the great outdoors, that I took that proverbial leap and started to take on new things in ‘uncharted territories’, so to speak. One of them was zipping down a line or, as they call it, ziplining. And my first time was on the first ever zipline course in Mindanao.
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