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Nagoya, Japan 2014: To The Nagoya Castle

There are probably two ways to spend a holiday: rest or sightsee. For me, I prefer the latter. So, upon arrival at around 1pm in Nagoya via shinkansen from Kyoto, we immediately checked in at BestWestern Hotel Nagoya in Sakae, freshened up a bit (or tried to), and immediately proceeded to pay a visit to Nagoya Castle before heading to the Arashi concert later that evening (I talked about the Digitalian concert in this post.
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Baguio Eats: Tanapew Cafe (updated 01.03.16)

If the most recent activity, in terms of traffic, in this blog is any indication, it looks like more than a few people will be flocking to Capisaan Caves in Nueva Vizcaya over the long weekend. And why not? It is definitely a must-see, and I actually envy those who will be able to as I, too, wouldn’t mind going back sometime in the future. To those who are going, I hope my post about my visit to the place was able to convince you to check it out for yourself. Oh, and let me know what you thought of it, aiight?
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Nagoya, Japan 2014: The Izakaya Experience

The Japanese love to drink, and they love beer and spirits. You cannot help but come to this conclusion when you see it done in most every jdorama you watch, or featured in many CFs and promotional material, or even when you are walking around from early evening until late at night in relatively crowded places and see ladies and gentlemen – still wearing their office attires and toting those business cases – stumbling out of well-lit establishments being all boisterous and, yes, drunk. After-work drinks are a norm, and it doesn’t even matter that it is the middle of the week and they have to go to work the next morning. Last November, after watching the CNBLUE concert, I, Peach, Jas and Slow finally felt hunger pangs and decided to look for a place to eat. We found ourselves wandering around Sakae, in the area filled with many drinking places or, as they call it, izakayas.
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Mornin’ Food-trippin’ in Sagada

Who, in their right mind, would want to “swing by” Sagada, just to eat? Us, apparently, and yes, we are in our right minds. We figured it’s a shame that we haven’t tried some of the now-famous places to eat in Sagada when it is, technically, our neighbor. Finally, we got to check out the Lemon Pie House and the Yoghurt House.  Read more

Japan 2014: Mata ne, Kyoto!

It’s time to wrap up my blogging spree on the glorious city that is Kyoto. It’s also an excuse to take a break from going through the tons of photos I took from my recent trip to South Korea. 🙂 In a nutshell, Kyoto is one of those places that can frustrate you. Because you thought you saw a lot of it already, only to realize you haven’t even scratched the surface. I tell ya, that type of frustration is something that makes me wish I can hop on the next available flight and go there again.

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JapanEats: Okonomiyaki Kiraku (Kyoto)

Since our lunch-in-kimonos at Mimikou at around midday, Peach and I haven’t had a bite to eat, and we’ve been wandering all afternoon around Ginkaku-ji, then early evening in the Gion area (looking for a place to eat, incidentally), then bumping into Hazel, She and Jas, and heading off to Kiyomizudera instead. So it is a given that, by the time we parted ways at close to 9pm, the two of us were already starving. So we (yet again) did more walking through streets leading towards our hostel, looking for any open food place. At that moment, we were so hungry even a food stall will do. AND THEN. We came across Kiraku, which turns out to be one of the most recommended okonomiyaki places to eat in Kyoto. HUZZAH, cheered my empty tummy.
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