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Vulcaneering at Mt. Bulusan Pt 2: Lake Aguingay to Lights Out

This post is going to be short but sweet. You see, in just a few hours, I will be seeing G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri perform live yet again. It’s the second time I’m seeing them, after their ALIVE Tour in Manila a couple of years back, and the moment I heard their MADE tour is going to have a Manila leg, it was a no-brainer. I had to go. Sometimes, you have to feed the fangirl in you. You know, to make sure she stays fun. (Haha!) But that’s not what this post’s all about. This is about our short sojourn at Lake Aguingay, which was pretty close to our campsite. (Check out Part 1 of this vulcaneering adventure here.)

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Vulcaneering at Mt. Bulusan Pt 1: From Bulusan Lake To Camp

As early as the end of January, plans have already been made for us to go on a climb to Mt. Bulusan in Irosin, Sorsogon during the Holy Week on the first week of April. Calendars have been marked, leaves of absences from work have been initially filed, bus tickets have been booked… Holy Week came around, and Typhoon Maysak loomed, with all forecasts saying that the region where Mt. Bulusan is located will get the brunt of the typhoon. (So we moved things around a bit and decided to head up north, instead, to Batad. I chronicled that trip in these posts.) We then moved our Mt. Bulusan adventure to Labor Day weekend.  Read more

Exploring Capisaan Cave in Nueva Vizcaya

The first cave I explored was the Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province. That was way back in 2007. The second, although it may not be strictly a cave, was the one at the Underground River in Palawan. The third were the Ambongdolan Caves in nearby Tublay, Benguet. For my fourth, it’s the Capisaan Cave in Nueva Vizcaya… and I have to say it’s the best I have seen so far. Let me give you a glimpse of it the best I can. Read more

Samal Island: Hagimit Falls Nature Park

Next to the mountains, my next favorite things are waterfalls. There’s just something relaxing and soothing about seeing a cascade of water – big or small. And when we went to Samal Island, we were fully aware of how limited our time was, so it was just Maxima Aquafun on our minds. And then, while riding on the tricycle on the way to the Resort, we passed by the turnoff leading to Hagimit Falls. Our trike driver suggested we stop by there later on the way back to the Wharf. And so we did exactly that.
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Samal Island: Slidin’ & Blobbin’ at Maxima Aquafun

I was supposed to post about something else but, in an act of pure defiance, I’m switching things a bit to talk about something actually… sunny and fair. You see, it has been two weeks since rain started pouring in my corner of the country, and it hasn’t stopped since. If not for the quick day trip I made to Quezon City yesterday, I’d have never seen the sun! Now I’m back, and it’s raining more than ever, so I will look back on our sunny day trip to Samal Island more than a couple of months ago, specifically at the Maxima AquafunRead more

Drive-by: The Rice Terraces of Banaue

Road trips, at least in the minds of most Filipinos today, call to mind those teen flicks and indie films (That Thing Called Tadhana, anyone?) that have been released in recent years. If you’re of the older generation, however, it’d be more like tales of Bonnie and Clyde and hitchhikers that look like Brad Pitt. But movie references aside, road trips are the perfect representation of the “journey being as worthwhile as the destination”. The idea is to take stops – y’know, other than bathroom breaks on roadside cafes and (dis)comfort rooms – and check out what you are passing through. On our Plan B is for Batad getaway, we stopped by Banaue on our way to Bontoc. And here are some snaps and snippets that I want to share about that.  Read more

JapanEats: Nakau (Tennoji)

There is a downside to finding yourself with a little bit of free time on your hands: you don’t know what to do with it, and yet you can think of so many things you want to do but, for some reason, you can’t. So you end up doing what you did not really intend on doing. (Did that make sense so far?) Take right now, for example. Weather’s foul outside, I am in between writing projects, and there’s a bit of a window where I can opt to not work. So I clean up my hard drive, and stumble upon photos that I forgot existed. Like these ones taken of the fastfood/restaurant, NAKAU in Osaka. Read more

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