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JapanEats: Kyoto-Gion Mimikou

It felt like forever since I last made a food-related post, I’m feeling hungry. And I just finished watching all 17 episodes of tvN’s “Let’s Eat 2” which, I must say, has enough food porn to make me hungry every time I watch an episode. Darn all those Korean food; they all look sooooo sooooo good! I gotta make sure I taste some of them when I go to Seoul in a couple of months. 🙂 Until then, I’ll just have to flash back to some of the places we ate at when we were in Japan. This time, it’s this small, nondescript place in Gion, MIMIKOU. Read more

OdysStay: Where to Stay in Batad and Bontoc

In every journey, pit and rest stops are a given, and I felt it only right to share some info about mine. I consider it my small way of providing something helpful and informative, as opposed to just talking about what I’ve seen and what I did. If that even makes sense. #odysSTAY will chronicle what I remember of the places that served as my shelter on my various adventures. For this post, I will be talking about the two places we stayed at during our “Plan B” road trip through Batad and Bontoc.

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Tappiyah Waterfalls of Batad

We all love surprises, especially if they are the beautiful kind, and hidden somewhere in the Batad area is a waterfall that totally fits the bill. Now that I think about it, it is the first ever waterfall that I laid eyes on up close, and I feel blessed that my first waterfall experience – which I found utterly mesmerizing – was not a fluke.
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The Batad Rice Terraces

They say some things are sweeter the second time around. In case of travel or, to be more precise, visiting one place for the second time, that could be a hit or a miss. It’s a hit if the place, which you absolutely loved the first time around, did not change or, even if it did, it changed only in good ways. It’s a miss if it’s the opposite: the changes weren’t good. How was my second visit to the Batad Rice Terraces, you ask? Read on.
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The Road to Batad

The key phrase for this 5-part posting arc is “Plan B is for Batad”. It’s a bit of a long story, but I’ll try to make it short: early February we made plans to climb Mt. Bulusan in Irosin, Sorsogon during the Holy Week, and we were able to sort everything out. The week before Holy Week, news about Typhoon Maysak wreaking havoc and doing a direct hit in that region made us scramble and look for a Plan B. So we rearranged the Mt. Bulusan details for Labor Day weekend, and proceeded up north, instead, to Batad, Ifugao.  Read more

Why We Climb…

I’m not a mountaineer. I do, however, love going up mountains. Maybe it would be more apt to say that I am a “walker”. I love walking. I enjoy hiking. I derive a certain joy in trekking and just making these legs work to get me somewhere. While I still can. And I’m not prejudiced to mountains and peaks, because I pretty much have my switches turned to “ON” mode when we talk about nature. Read more

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