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Kyoto, Japan 2014: Maruyama Kouen

This was not really a part of the itinerary. In fact, we weren’t even aware of it. But walking around and following paths aimlessly always leads somewhere, and Maruyama Kouen was where we found ourselves in when we followed a road leading to the back of Yasaka Shrine. And, yes, we were just looking for a place to have a leisurely walk in (and by that, I mean LESS CROWD) while dressed in traditional kimono. Haha!
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Kyoto, Japan 2014: Yasaka Shrine

A huge reason why my visit to Yasaka Shrine was more memorable and meaningful was the fact that I was wearing a kimono. Sure, there were awkward moments (OK, who am I kidding, there were a LOT of awkward moments) but then, a few minutes into it, I just thought, “wth, I’m here, this is happening, I might as well enjoy it!” And I am glad I did.  Read more

Kyoto, Japan 2014: My Kimono Experience

One of my disappointments when I visited Gyeongbukgong in Seoul was missing out on the hanbok experience. I wanted to try wearing their traditional clothing, even for just a few minutes, but the hanbok place was already closed by the time we were done touring the Palace. And then, weeks before our Japan trip, my friend and I were exchanging emails as we polished our itinerary and, out of the blue, she suggested trying out wearing kimono. And you know what they say… “when in Kyoto….”
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Kyoto, Japan 2014: Nijo Castle

I could not help but look at my now very long list of backlogs… travel posts to make, photos to upload… and I start to panic. But then when I calm down a bit, I think to myself, “all in good time, eh?” It’s already the 2nd half of May, and I think I’ll be lying low for a bit. Catch up on some ZZZZs, recharge my batteries, recoup losses, replenish travel fund… y’know, normal, ordinary things. At least, MY kind of normal & ordinary. For now, though, I’ll take you to another Kyoto jaunt: the NIJO CASTLE.
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Coron 2015: Of Sunrises and Sunsets… at Mt. Tapyas

There is something universally appealing about sunsets and sunrises. Or, should I say, universally moving? Perhaps, more than the splash of colors on the horizon, or the spectacular display of a slow and gradual ascent or descent, it evokes thoughts of beginnings and endings: the sunset marks the end of the day and the beginning of the oncoming night, whilst sunrise is a way to bid farewell to the night and welcome a new day. This is one cycle that is anything BUT vicious.
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Coron 2015: Island Tour Day 2

The rainy days seem to be making their presence felt as the past couple of days (and nights) brought on torrential downpours. The good thing about this is, just as the summery days seem to be coming to an end, the rainy season too will do the same. (Sorry, that’s what happens if you marathon 10 episodes of Falling for Innocence for three days.) The rain, however, is not a reason to talk about the sun, sand and the beautiful waters of Coron during our second day of island tour.
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Coron 2015: Island Tour Day 1

A lot has happened in the past week. Labor Day. LaBoracay for some. The Mayweather-Pacquiao bout. My 4-day trip to Mt. Bulusan, Donsol and Cagsawa. All in all, it was an eventful (very) long weekend which I am oh-so-grateful for. Yes, despite the ache in my extremities and the difficulty (top that with moaning and groaning in pain) when going down stairs, I can safely say that the past several days has been one for the books! I will be blogging about it in the future, but for now, I will continue my Coron 2015 series, ya noe, in the spirit of “oh darn summer is about to end” and #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines!
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