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Don’t Forget To Bring These On Your Travels Or Adventures

A pocketful of anticipation mixed with a dollop of excitement, with a dash of mischief thrown in. Oh, if only I could flit and fly anywhere with just these, then life would be so much better. And lighter. Alas, that really isn’t doable, so we’re forced to improvise.

Just as a sumptuous dish requires the right ingredients, every adventure also requires certain elements to make it a success. In my book, successful adventure = fun and memorable adventure. Everything may not have gone according to plan, but everything turned out right in the end.  Read more

Osaka, Japan 2014: Universal Studios Japan (Pt 1)

Back when I was in high school and college, I used to be quite the fanatic when it comes to movies. My cinema-going record never went below “twice-a-month”. There were even times when I do cinema-hopping, which is basically moving to another cinema to catch a movie, right after I finished one. Also, just this Christmas break, I had to regretfully part with two huuuuuuge boxes of movie magazines, dating all the way back from 1998 until around 2008. I don’t know when it somehow toned itself down.

So you could just imagine how much of a treat it was for me when I went to Universal Studios Singapore a couple of years ago, and to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka just over month ago. IT. WAS. AN. ABSOLUTE. BLAST.
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Bohol: Panglao Island

Seeing a couple of blog posts about beautiful Batanes in the past couple of days has reawakened my desire to see it to a once-again burning flame. For now, a number of factors are still making it elusive. Still, I aim to be able to step foot on it, somehow, some way, some time in the future. When I do, I will be able to cross out another one from my growing mental list of places to see before I die. Panglao Island, though… I must admit it was never on that list. Read more

Tokyo, Japan 2014: Mata ne, Tokyo!

After four times of saying “Ohayou, Tokyo!” out loud, I had to say “Mata ne, Tokyo!” on morning of November 28 as I took the first shinkansen trip from Tokyo to Osaka. I left Tokyo with the knowledge that, someday soon, I will come back and check out the places I wasn’t able to. Tokyo Disneyland, perhaps. Maybe have a HanaDan moment at Ebisu, or go around Ropponggi. Darn, I haven’t even gone around Shinjuku! And, most importantly, I have to climb Mt. Fuji. THAT is an absolute must. So never a “Sayonara~”, just “See You Again~”. Read more

Chiba, Japan 2014: Chinahouse Keikarou

Another week, another bout with work, another batch of deadlines. Despite that, we have to start it right, and what better way to do that than to greet it with rainbows? Yes, rainbows. Granted, it’s just going to be one-fifth of a rainbow (….you don’t know what I’m talking about, do you, you-who-have-no-idea-who-Arashi-is? That’s all right, you get a free pass. This time.), but we all know there’s a lot of sparkles to go ’round, even from a single Arashi member. I’m talking about Aiba, and his family’s Chinese restaurant, Keikarou.
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JapanEats: Okonomi Yukari (Akihabara)

Japan is quite possibly the WORST place to be for anyone who’s dieting. It’s a good thing that word does not exist in my vocabulary. Imagine having to restrain yourself from giving your palate a workout when you’re in the land of the most amazing (and appetizing-looking) sweets, takoyaki, all kinds of sushi, taiyaki, and okonomiyaki, to name a few. It’s a crime, I tell ya. A crime, which is a punishment in itself.

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