Jeffer's Odyssey

Tokyo, Japan 2014: Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori

Young and trendy, as only the Japanese can. That’s probably how I would describe the entertainment and shopping district of Harajuku, and that is best embodied in its famous street, Takeshita Dori (or Takeshita Street). Since I passed through here the other day while on my way to Meiji Shrine, I knew it’s something I wanted to check out. Read more

Japan 2014: Kawaguchiko

Me and my love for mountains. While planning this trip, when it came to choosing between any Disney-related jaunt to checking out Mt. Fuji, I went for the latter. So it was really no contest between Tokyo Disneyland and a Fuji-san sighting. In fact, I’d pick a nature-related sojourn over any amusement park ANY TIME. So it was with so much excitement that I included a side trip to Lake Kawaguchi, or Kawaguchiko on my second day in Japan. Read more

6th Christmas Ed Kapangan, Benguet (Day 1)

Here’s a sad fact: my roots are in Kapangan, but I am not fully acquainted with it, having been born in Baguio and spent most of my life in La Trinidad and Baguio, with the occasional visits to my grandma in Kapangan, and other relatives in Tublay and Atok. I was aware that the Christmas Ed Kapangan (translates to “Christmas in Kapangan”) has been going on annually and, this time, I was especially keen that I join. Before anything else, though, let me just greet you all a very merry Christmas!! Read more

Tokyo, Japan 2014: Yoyogikouen

The area around Meiji Jingu is packed with many other interesting places to check out, which is why I suggest you devote an entire day around this area. In fact, if I had more time, I would have gone to Takeshita Dori too, but I didn’t and I also didn’t want to have to breeze my way through it since I am pressed for time. There are things that are meant to be savored, and this is one of them. So is a visit to Yoyogikouen, also called Yoyogi Park. Read more

JapanEats: Genki Sushi (Shibuya)

When you say “Shibuya”, the first things that come to mind include shopping, Shibuya 109, the “scramble”, Hachiko, Tsutaya and Starbucks. Places to eat are almost an afterthought. But while checking out blogs of those who have been there, I stumbled on one that mentioned Genki Sushi. True, it’s not the traditional sushi place, with a “conveyor belt”-like mechanism, but it is more than enough motivation for me to check it out. Besides, I was keen on making sure I try out as much Japanese food as I can for the duration of my trip. Read more

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