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Ambuklao Adventure III: "The Adventure Lives On"

When I hear the word “Ambuklao”, what comes to mind is the Ambuklao Dam, the wide lake we pass by along the way to, say, Kabayan, and tilapia. Recently, I’ve heard about the place being opened for several adventures, such as kayaking. Then came the opportunity to join the 3rd run of the Ambuklao Adventure series, and me and my friends grabbed it. Read more

J-Drama Review: Border (JPN, 2014)

When I went on Twitter and asked for recommendations of a jdrama that will relight that torch I always had for the genre, there were a lot of recs that came my way. One of them is TV Asahi’s Border.

I picked up Border after Bitter Blood (which I wrote a recap-slash-review of here) for two reasons: first, it came recommended by a friend WHO KNOWS her jdramas, and second, it has Oguri Shun in it. And, all right, I already have a soft spot for Aoki Munetaka after his memorable turn as Sanosuke Sagara in the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film series.

And the third reason is the storyline: a cop that can see dead people. This ought to be interesting.
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Roarin' at the Dinosaurs Island in Tuba, Benguet

Walking on the Dino Trail at the Dinosaurs Island at the Baguio Eco-Park in Tuba, Benguet may not actually make you feel like you’ve been transported to prehistoric times, when these huge creatures really walked the earth (but then again, I doubt there is anyone alive who knows how the real thing actually feels). It does, however, successfully make you feel like you are transported on a movie set, with animatronic dinosaurs at every turn.

I have to say, though, that I was in awe of the scale of the place. And the imagination that went behind it.

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J-Drama Review: Bitter Blood (JPN, 2014)

I had a long dry spell with respect to Japanese dramas, or “jdoramas”, as we fondly call them. It is only now that I am starting to ease back into it and, to quench my jdorama thirst, I decided to rekindle the flame with “Bitter Blood”, or “Partners by Blood”, starring Sato Takeru and Atsuro Watabe.

And I am shamelessly admitting to the fact that 80% of the reason I picked this up was because I was having major Sato-Takeru-as-Himura-Kenshin withdrawal symptoms. The other 20%… well, because friends recommended it, and it was easily accessible/downloadable. Read more

Echoes of the Past at the Mt. Kalugong Eco-Park

If I were to choose key phrases to describe my high school years at Benguet State University-Secondary Laboratory School (BSU-SLS), they would include “solid work”, “4-1”, “Pomology”, and “Mt. Kalugong”. It has been more than 15 years since the last time I set foot on Mt. Kalugong. Which is a shame, really, considering how it is on my doorstep (heck, the side of the mountain greets me each morning I wake up!) and how it is now more accessible to everyone as the Mt. Kalugong Eco-Park. Read more

La Trinidad Eats: Health101 ReSTOREant

I’m not a vegetarian, nor do I ever plan to be one. (That’s a huge “HELL, NO!” right there.) I love meat just as much as the next meat-loving person.

To be honest, I was one of those who used to equate “healthy eating” with “settling for so-so tasting food and being miserable about it”. That was then. Fortunately, we are now given more options on sumptuous yet healthy eats. And if you are from La Trinidad, you are even luckier, since you are practically in the heart of vegetable and fruit country. Hey, it ain’t the capital of the “Salad Bowl of the Philippines” (Benguet) for nothing! So this time, I’ll be sharing a little about Health101 ReSTOREant.

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