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South Korea Pt 18: Sun & Fun in Haeundae Beach, Busan

In honor of CNBLUE, a band that is closely identified with Busan, I am picking up what is remaining of my South Korea travel posts.

Busan is the second-largest metropolis in South Korea, second only to Seoul. However, when it comes to land area, Busan trumps Seoul, having a land area of 767.35 sq km to the capital city’s 605.21. Anyway, my point is… it’s huge, and we only had a couple of days, tops, to spend on it. It is yet another injustice that I hope to rectify in the future. God (and budget) willing.

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"Unsinkable" Tea Experience at Thai Teanic

I love tea. In fact, I love it so much I will take it any way I can. I love it even more than coffee (which, I admit, isn’t saying much, I suppose, considering I am only mildly enamored with coffee, if at all). I love it even more when it comes in different varieties, you know, other than those teabags you snatch off the shelves at the supermarket.

So I was glad when an officemate told me about this tea place that serves Thai tea. It is aptly named THAI TEANIC MILK TEA. Read more

What I Loved About CNBLUE "Can’t Stop" Live Tour 2014 in Manila

I figured we all deserve a time to be spastic or “let loose the inner fangirl in us”, and that is exactly what this post is all about. Clearly, I am still on a high after catching Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Jungshin and Minhyuk in the Manila leg of their CAN’T STOP 2014 live tour at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, heavy rains and flooding and all. Before I completely close on that chapter (well, not completely, since I have a series of posts coming up that are indirectly related to them), let me just post a few more of the snaps I managed to take during the concert, and also share the things that I loved about it. (You can read my mini-con report right here.) Read more

Typhoon Mario "Can't Stop" CNBLUE Live In Manila

Outside, neighboring towns and cities are submerged in a flood. Typhoon Mario is making his presence felt in a not-at-all-subtle manner. All the way in Hawaii, Arashi Blast is happening (which is verrrry fitting). Inside the SMART Araneta Coliseum, the show went on. Which is a good thing, because I braved the foul weather to travel all the way from Baguio to catch this concert that I have been looking forward to in months. Thank you, CNBLUE and the organizers for not letting Typhoon Mario stop “CAN’T STOP” from happening!

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HK ’11: Madame Tussaud’s & Wrapping Up Hong Kong

Growing up, my perception of “family trips” involved going to my folks’ hometown and visiting the grandparents. That’s it. We were never big on family outings, or hitting the beach, or even going out on picnics. So this trip to Hong Kong, with me and my parents (and Aunt in tow) is, to say the least, one for the books. It’s also something I look forward to repeating soon, real soon.

Remember in my Victoria Peak post where I mentioned about camera battery draining, with the spare battery left at the hotel? So I had to make do with my phone’s less-than-stellar camera to take whatever pix I can when we went down to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum? I forgot to mention that, at the time, my camera’s battery was also slowly draining, no thanks to the cold weather. Ya feel my predicament?
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HK '11: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Pt 1

It’s not even halfway through the month of September, and things at work are becoming so hectic, no thanks to the rollout of a new computerized system the office has developed. On the other hand, I am counting the days until the 19th when I can let loose with Jonghyun and the guys.

So, amid all the bustle and pressure at work, what do I do? Reminisce about one day spent at the “happiest place on earth”. I’m talking, of course. about our visit to the Hong Kong Disneyland.
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