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HK '11: Scaling The Peak

One thing I learned in our jaunt to this particular place: having a spare battery for your camera is no good at all if YOU LEFT IT BEHIND AT THE HOTEL ANYWAY. So imagine me squeezing the remaining battery life of my camera to the very end until it died completely after I took a couple of shots from the Peak. (And then relying on my poor-quality phone camera for photos inside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. *wryyyyy*)  Read more

HK '11: The Big Buddha

While fixing up the itinerary for our HK trip, places such as Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, and Victoria Peak were already a given. But this is me we’re talking about, and I’m a sucker for things slightly traditional and historical, with a touch of the religious and some mythology thrown in, so Ngong Ping just had to be included, if only to check out the Big Buddha, or more formally known as the Tian Tian Buddha.
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HK '11: Soaring Towards Ngong Ping

Just several days ago, my friend and I were having a conversation about future possible trips, and we realized we both wanted to go back to Hong Kong. Our exchange also reminded me of that HK trip I took more than a couple of years ago (which makes this post another #throwWAYback travel post). As I am going through the photos, sifting through them to find which I should include, I am feeling that urge to go back. Maybe this time, with friends. Read more

(Non) Summer in Boracay 3: Crystal Cove

Next to April-March, August-September is the second-busiest couple of months for me because it’s that time of the year when I’ve to draw up the Budget Proposal of our Department for the next Budget Year. It’s exhausting work and, piled on top of my regular (and irregular) functions, it spells out “Hell Weeks” for me.

I cannot wait until August 20 comes (so I can get a reprieve by catching Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno in the cinema) and September 19 finally rolls around so I can watch CNBLUE in concert. Simple joys, really.

On a day tour or island-hopping gig in Boracay, one of the major pit stops is Crystal Cove.
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(Non) Summer in Boracay 1: "Morning-scape"

You say “Philippines”, and “beaches” won’t be far behind. And when you lump the two words together, what’s the most common name that comes to mind? Yes. Boracay.

This is another one of those “major throwback” posts which I am blogging about because (1) I had three of the awesomest fangirlfriends for company; (2) I wish it’ll happen again (post-Yale, Jane?); (3) Hey, it IS Boracay; and (4) this is where I discovered that humans and lobsters are separated by merely a few hours in the sun (sans sunblock); and (5) it was HELLA. FUN.

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