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Fitness Mornings at Burnham Park

Mention Baguio City’s “Burnham Park” and the activities that will immediately come to mind include taking a ride on one of the boats on the Lake, having a picnic, riding bikes at the Biking Area, having a go at the Skating Rink, letting the kids loose at the Children’s playground, walk around the Rose Garden or the Orchidarium, catch a game or an outdoor show at the Melvin Jones Grandstand, and, lately, watching the fountains light up in the evening. It comes even more alive when the annual Panagbenga (Flower Festival) comes around (see more tourist accounts here, here, and especially good ones here and here), since it’s the site of the Market Encounter and other trade fairs. And, of course, the fluvial parades on the Lake, also during the Panagbenga.

In the early mornings, however, you get to see a different side of Burnham Park. The fit side. Read more

Cebu: Three Staples

From the many blogs that I’ve read by Cebu-based bloggers, it is clear that Cebu has a lot to offer, many of them still pretty much obscure and relatively unexploited-slash-undiscovered. But for us Cebu non-experts, there are certain things that we instantly associate with the place. “Queen City of the South”. Spanish-era churches. Excellent singers. Dried mangoes.

Magellan’s Cross. Shamrock. Danggit. These three are what this post is all about.  Read more

Cebu: The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

I suck at remembering dates, so don’t think I memorized when Pedro Calungsod, the 2nd Filipino saint (after St. Lorenzo Ruiz) was born. It was 360 years ago to this day, on July 21, 1654, when his story began. I thought it fitting, then, to post about this small place, the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, dedicated to him in Cebu. (Check out his official website here, and read about his life here.)

Read more

Bohol: The Chocolate Hills

Typhoon Glenda (International Name: Rammasun) has come and gone, at least in my part of the country. But the rains and strong winds are still here. And another storm is set to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility. ‘Tis the way of things in my country during this time of the year. The only thing we can do is be prepared, pray, and have faith. And go on as before. Or try to.

Back when we were in elementary school and first learned of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, I bet we all imagined giant Hershey’s Kisses that we can lick and gobble up. “Giant chocolates! What fun!”

And then we grow older, and we know better.  Read more

Bohol: The ShipHaus

You may have seen heard of it already, or seen it featured on Rated K or some other similar magazine show. I haven’t. I rarely get to watch those shows, you see. So I was just going with the flow when, while driving through the roads in Tagbilaran late in the afternoon, our guide Cris suggested we stop by one of the newest tourist attractions in Bohol, the ShipHaus. What I saw afterwards amazed me. Read more

Bohol: Loboc River Cruise

Bohol was one of the places in the Philippines I’ve always wanted to visit, but never got around to, primarily because of budget reasons. It’s not one of the cheaper places to visit, you see. So when we found ourselves in Cebu May of last year and discovered we had a couple of days free, we decided to sail to Bohol and check out what we could in the limited time we have. This was pre-Bohol earthquake and pre-Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), by the way.  Read more

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