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South Korea Pt 5 – A Touch of Soul at Namsan Tower in Seoul

I love high places. True, I get terrified when I look down and realize that it’s going to be quite a loooooong (and tragic) drop, but I always get exhilarated when I know I am somewhere more elevated than others. A bit of an ego-trip, you say? Not really. More like the knowledge that, yes, we can all go UP.

So after an afternoon spent haunting palace halls, we had a quick rest back at the Guest House, then proceeded out to check out N Seoul Tower, or Seoul Tower, or Namsan Tower.
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South Korea Pt 4 – A Dash of Romance at Nami Island, South Korea

Question: do you have to be a koreanovela/Endless Love series/Hallyu Wave fan to be able to appreciate the beauty that is Nami Island (or, as they more formally call it, Naminara Republic)? No. But if you know a bit of Winter Sonata, you’d appreciate it more. If you don’t, you still won’t be able to deny that this place is all about romance. (Warning: this post is going to be “image-heavier” than usual, so apologies in advance.)

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South Korea Pt 3 – A Bundle of Tricks at Trick Eye Museum, Seoul

I never really heard of the Trick Eye Museum, but Peach was adamant we check it out. And boy, am I glad we did! If ever you find yourself in Seoul, and you suddenly find yourself all “palace-d” out or if the DMZ tour got to you and you’re looking for a bit of levity, then this place is perfect for you. Or if you are into art galleries but you are looking for something different, this is worth checking out. Plus, it won’t require you having to run the length of a football field just to check everything out!

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South Korea Pt 2 – A Dose of Royalty at Gyeongbukgong

I am one of those who grew up with the concept of “palaces” as pearly-white walled giant edifices with tall towers and turrets, where princesses are locked up so they could grow their hair really long and turn them into rappelling tools. Thanks to more than a handful of Korean dramas, I realized I’ve been limited in my “palace know-how”. And when I found myself in Seoul, I knew that it is a must for me to see at least one palace, and what better way to get a dose of (Korean) royalty than by checking out the most famous one among the Five Palaces of Seoul, the Gyeongbukgong? Read more

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