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My Mayon ATV Adventure (and a Zipline!) at Cagsawa in Albay


I can’t believe we’re halfway through October already. Several more winks and it’ll be 2017! (I totally sped past December and Christmas and, yes, I intended to do that.) Time moves so fast it’s giving me whiplash, and I am just a bit worried that work will be too busy for the remaining 2 months that 2016 will end with… a whimper. Can’t help but feel like that, considering how ‘quiet’ and ‘calm’ the last half of this year has gone for me… and how hectic and eventful the first half was. 4 hours spent on an ATV, getting the closest I will probably ever get to Mt. Mayon, and then capping it off with a zipline ride? What else could top THAT when you’re in Cagsawa? Read more

Things To Do At The Cagsawa Ruins in Albay


What is it about gloomy, dreary, cold and wet weather that easily turns most people nostalgic? Suddenly one wishes for those warm, dry days, when the sun shone so high and hot – completely ignoring the fact that, during that specific day, all they did was complain at the heat. 🙂 Not that my complaints during our last visit to the Cagsawa Ruins really had any weight. Sure, it was scorching hot, and I felt myself burning, and I was sweating like crazy, but I was still having a lot of fun, so really, complaining just ain’t right.  Read more

Three Times Lucky… at the Cagsawa Ruins in Albay


The thing about Mt. Mayon… no matter what your vantage point is, whether you’re in Daraga in the South, or downtown Legazpi City in the SSW, in Tabaco City in the North, further SSW in Donsol…. and even when just passing by on the highway, IT LOOKS THE SAME PERFECT CONE THAT IT IS. It is, for lack of a better word, picture-perfect.

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Ziplining at Lignon Nature Park in Legazpi City, Albay


The answer to “where can you get the best view of Mt. Mayon in Legazpi?” is debatable, considering how the volcano with the perfect cone shape can be seen wherever you are in Legazpi, and its neighboring towns. But you get a bonus if you head up to the Lignon Hill Nature Park. I’d say several bonuses, actually. Aside from Mt. Mayon, you’d get a panoramic 360-degree view of Legazpi City, the town of Daraga, and Albay Gulf in the distance. Oh, and you can also try out their zipline.

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The Daraga Church of Albay, Philippines


Going old school with this post this time, in the sense that I’ll be talking about some places that I first encountered through textbooks. I’m pretty sure that, when the province of Albay is mentioned, the first thing that’ll come to mind is the majestic and gorgeous Mayon Volcano. But, as my visit earlier this year to Legazpi, Albay has proven, there is more to this Bicolandia province than the perfect cone. One of them is the Daraga Church.

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Cold… and Enchanted at Mt. Timbac in Benguet


I have a theory. The reason that this tickle in my throat refuses to go away is because I haven’t seen some mountain action since… March, was it? I’m craving going on a hike and breathing pure, unadulterated mountain air, never mind that it gets freezing at some points, and mixed with rain and followed by the heat of the sun. Come to think of it, the last proper hike I did was in February this year, up Mt. TImbac via Atok in Benguet. Read more

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